Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords

Of course, when having a website developed, the key thing to bear in mind is how you'll use and promote it once it's live.In the same way you wouldn't get brochures printed and then just leave them in a cupboard, similarly once your website is live you can't just do nothing with it and expect visitors to flock to it or for it to generate revenue.

Keep 'em coming

Therefore, to keep visitors coming to your site after it's live, we can also help with

Initial SEO

All the sites we build have effective SEO features included from the start that involves

Monthly SEO packages

Once your site is live, if you want to maintain it's position in search engine results, we offer the following additional cost effective packages of SEO services

1. Silver SEO
For £50 pcm, a monthly check for 3 keywords/keyphrases and updating the site where necessary.
2.Gold SEO
For £100pcm, a monthly check for 5 keywords/keyphrases and updating the site where necessary.

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