How we work

websites newburyWhen we start a new project, we will discuss in detail your exact requirements, what you want to achieve with the site, and your preferences for layout and design.  We will then put together a test site, to see how it looks and feels, and to see if any changes might be necessary.  This can be an interative process, and may take a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the site and how many changes are necessary, but the important things here is that we get as much feedback as possible so that we are all happy with the site.

When the design of the site has been finalised and agreed, we then get on with any besoke coding necessary, and get you using it as soon as possible.  At this stage, the site normally isn't using the final domain name (eg., but uses a 'preview' domain name of ours.

During this time, you need to think about the pages you want, and what the content on them will be.  This might use your existing collateral, or other documents you already have.  But if you don't have any suitable material, then you'll need to put pen to paper and start writing!  Also, if you don't have any high quality images or photos, you might also want to start looking for professional images on websites like and because images are very important on the web. 

After the development and testing is completed, we make the site 'live' by copying it to the final domain name, and it's over to you to add your content.

Silver package sites may only take a week or so from start to live, gold package sites usually take at least a few weeks from start to live, and bespoke sites can take longer.

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