Silver Website Package

In fact, not just for beginners to the world-wide web, our entry-level, silver website package for just £650 incl VAT, is a simple, easy to use and flexible solution giving most small and medium businesses all they need for a professional web presence for a very affordable price.

Manage your own website content

Our silver package websites are built around a content management system, giving you full control over the content of your pages at all times.  

Once the site is live you don't need to pay anyone extra for a website change like adding a new page or just adding or changing a few lines of text or an image on a page ... you just log in to the Admin area of your site and make the change yourself.

Everything you need for your website

We will get your site up and running with everything you need, but just so that you know the details, our silver website package includes, 

After the layout has been it agreed, it normally takes a week or so to complete, and the price is just £650 incl VAT, bargain!

For clients that need more features in their website, our gold website package provides photo galleries, email newsletter subscription/unsubscription, news, product catalog and more.

Upgrade or refresh your website

If you have a site already, and now want to upgrade it with a new, fresh look and feel, and have the benefits of a flexible content management system, we can organise that for you as well, and transfer your existing domain name to your new site. 

Lost for words?

If you need help writing the content of your pages, we also provide a copywriting service.

Get in touch now, and we'll make it happen!

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